List of Published Writing

At first I didn't think I would do much more than write a single book, but as time has gone on, I realized it might be a good idea to document where I've been published. I will try to keep this page up-to-date with books or magazine articles I've written or otherwise contributed to, as well as any interviews or other related activities.

Most of my writing outside of books is done on my Mastodon account.

Books I've Authored

The Best of Hack and /: Linux Admin Crash Course - author - published April 2023.

I wrote a monthly column titled "Hack and /" for Linux Journal magazine for almost 12 years starting in their January 2008 issue until Linux Journal closed for good on August 7, 2019. The column aimed to provide useful tips and tricks on topics ranging from system administration to security to 3D printing to VIM. After we published my final farewell article for Linux Journal, one of the most common questions I got was "what's going to happen to the giant archive of articles?" I realized I had a whole book's worth of material just in sysadmin tips alone.

This book doesn't aim to be an exhaustive guide to everything you need to know to be a system administrator. Instead, this book allows me to act as a remote mentor to someone starting out in IT or system administration whether as a full-time job or as a full stack developer. Think of each section in a chapter like sitting down with me over lunch or looking over my shoulder as I show you a tip to save you time, a tool I've found useful, a lesson I learned the hard way, or an explanation of how I'd tackle a project you got assigned.

It is self-published on the Lulu platform and while the print edition is also distributed globally and available at other booksellers, Lulu would be my preference for where to purchase it. In addition to the standard paperback edition, it is also available in premium hardcover and ebook editions only on Lulu.

You can check out a sample chapter here. If you have any questions about the book, you are a book reviewer and would like a review copy, or you'd like to report errata, email me at bohs at

Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks: Server Security from TLS to TOR - author - Published July 2017.

The Official Ubuntu Server Book, 3rd Edition - coauthor - Published July 2013.

DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practices - author - Published November 2012.

Official Ubuntu Server Book, 2nd Edition - coauthor - Published August 2010.

Official Ubuntu Server Book - coauthor - Published August 2009.

Knoppix Hacks, 2nd Edition - author - Published November 2007.

Ubuntu Hacks - coauthor - Published June 2006.

Linux Multimedia Hacks - author - Published November 2005.

Knoppix Pocket Reference - author - Published June 2005.

Knoppix Hacks - author - Published October 2004.

Books I've Contributed To

Cybersecurity for Small Networks - technical reviewer - Published October 2022.

Official Ubuntu Book, 6th Edition - technical reviewer - Published June 2011.

Official Ubuntu Book, 5th Edition - technical reviewer - Published June 2010.

Official Ubuntu Book, 3rd Edition - technical reviewer - Published June 2008.

Big Book of Windows Hacks - contributing writer: Hack #33 "Instant Linux" - Published October 2007.

Running Linux, 5th Edition - contributing writer: Chapter #7 "Games" - Published December 2005.

Linux Desktop Hacks - technical reviewer, contributing writer: Hack #2 "Kill and Resurrect the Master Boot Record" - Published March 2005.

Windows XP Hacks, 2nd Edition - contributing writer: Hack #20 "Instant Linux" - Published February 2005.



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